How we work

Project management

When it comes to the software development life cycle, we love using agile methodologies, but we do recognize that not all projects benefit from the agile approach. That is why we always make sure we use the methodology that fits your project. We are happy to discuss any options you might have on how you would like to work with us, for any of our services, not only software development.

Time and materials

In our line of business, it is not very often that all the functionalities and the requirements of the project are known up front, that is why we prefer to work on a time and materials basis. This allows greater flexibility and in the same time, more transparency for our customers - you will know if developing a feature took one hour or ten hours.

Agile methodologies

Our team of skilled developers has procedures in place that allow for better development practices. Using Scrum allows us to deliver working, testable working product versions after each sprint. Using a ticketing platform allows project tracking and can be used by the customers to check on the progress of their project. Also, there is no language barrier because all our staff members are proficient in English.