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West Bridge is a software development company established in 2007 and we have been delivering quality software solutions and products to our customers ever since, focusing mainly on mobile and web development projects. We are based in Bucharest, Romania and our customers are from all over the world, with some of our largest projects developed for US based companies. We love using agile methodologies, but if your project requires it, we are proficient in other methodologies as well.

Our believe is that values should not be just some arbitrary chosen words and concepts that would make us look good, but rather values that reflect the way we work and interact with our stakeholders, both internal and external. We are proactive in our work and we help our customers develop their projects, coming up with ideas on new features or how to improve the ones already mapped and we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. That is why expertise is one of our core values. We make sure that our skills and knowledge are up to date and that we can provide the best solutions to our customers.

We are customer centric and it is very important for us to foster long term effective relationships with our clients. We try our best to see the projects also through our customer's eyes, so all the customer's needs and wants can be identified and addressed. We also respect our customers and we show that respect in our way of working.

Who We Are

Vlad Ciulley

With over 10 years of experience in the software industry, managing medium to large scale projects, and a mathematics, informatics and management academic background, Vlad founded West Bridge in 2007 and is now focused on business development and clients satisfaction.

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Gregor Vitalariu

Greg joined West Bridge in 2012 and, as tech-savvy software engineer, he brought along a new mindset to the company focusing on using new technologies for its products. His expertise is built upon more than 10 years of successfully applying latest software trends and an academic background in cybernetics.

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