More Software Services

More software services

At West Bridge, we are more than just code writers and we offer also business services such as consulting or business analysis. Sometimes, an objective external advice is needed for your business, so you will surely benefit from the specialized expertise of consultants, who can help to identify your business needs and determine the right solutions to your business goals.

There is a saying that “A goal without a plan is just a wish” - that is why one of the most important services we offer is planning and software architecture services, because without making the fundamental structural choices before starting to work on the project, it will increase the risks associated with any project.

But the above saying goes on with the following: "and a plan itself is only a wish unless it is executed" so we make sure that plans and requirements translate into well-built working software and that our software development services are top notch.

Without testing, software development would mean developing in the dark. As the history teach us, lack of testing and quality assurance can be a recipe for disaster, from rockets falling out of the sky to billions being squandered. Your business may not be a space agency or involved in Wall Street trading, but the potential losses can be painful, starting with your user's trust, so we make sure our software solutions are thoroughly tested.

When developing increasingly complex projects with multiple teams, the process of release in itself can become a challenge to a successful project, that is why in the recent years, there has been a lot of focus on release management as a way to reduce project risks and there are cases when just better management of the releases can salvage a project.

Our services are not restricted to projects that were developed from the start by us. Sometimes, projects just seem to drift into troubled waters and without a solution in sight, it is normal that you will be more and more frustrated. But there is actually one solution - our project rescue service - you can turn over your project already in development and we can make sure that the project will be back on the right track.

Or maybe you already have a development team that is working out really well for you, but your team is faced with an increase in the workload and you do not have the time to go through the whole human resource recruiting and hiring process or for various reasons it is not in your best interest to hire anyone new - then you can extend your team virtually through remote team extension, adding developers from our side. Even if the work remotely, they will be a part of your team, just like everybody else, while the project management will be handled by your project managers.

Working remotely has its advantages and disadvantages and there might be cases when you would like to add to your team an on-site developer. We can help you with finding the right developer who will come into your offices every day.

If you have a need that does not seem to fit any of the above services, like graphic design, just go ahead and contact us because we always love a good challenge.