Software Development

For us, software development does not take place in a glass bubble, isolated from the outside world. It is not just bits and bytes, lines of codes in a digital environment - it is about finding real world solutions to real world challenges.

Whatever your challenge is, we can develop a custom software solution that can address your needs. Integrating development with our business services means that we deliver not only custom software, but custom solutions tailored to the needs of your business. We use agile methodologies to develop and deliver incremental components of business functionality, bringing value to our customers with each iteration.

We have developed solutions for mobile devices, from tablets to phones to wearable devices, frontend or backend web development for online platforms, created or integrated APIs into our products and many other accomplishments you can find out about in the clients section, using the best technologies available at the moment.



An app that allows photographers all over the world to sell their stock photos while on the go? Or one of the most popular torrent client apps with over 1M downloads on Google Play? We love challenging projects and that can be seen in our portfolio. Will you challenge us with your mobile project?

Web development


A platform developed for a US company that recently got a serious Series A investment, where users input their bank account data which is then used to help them with their personal finances and never be late on paying a bill again? They trusted us to develop their web project. Will you do it with yours?